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Bolt & Hammer 4-in-1 Handy Vac

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Comes in Handy for the Car


The Bolt & Hammer 4-in-1 Handy Vac may be the only tool you need for your next road trip. With its unique gun tool design, it is well-built and well-balanced. The ergonomically designed handle fits right in your hand so that you can have full control when using to clean or inflate!  This 4-in-1 machine can work as a car vacuum cleaner, tire inflator, tire pressure gauge, and LED light. It has a digital LCD display for easy readouts and operation day or night.


The 12V Lithium-Ion battery is built-in and takes 3-5 hours for a complete charge.  You will need to connect your included charging cord to a 5V USB adapter to properly charge your Handy Vac.  There is even a light up indicator on the digital display that lets you know how much charge is left. Because it is rechargeable and comes with a car accessory adapter, you can choose between cordless power or using your vehicle’s cigarette lighter to plug directly into your car.

Car Vacuum 

Press the big trigger button on the front middle of the unit to instantly turn into vacuum mode. 

As a car vacuum, provides strong cyclone suction, which could easily pick up dust, debris, crumbs, and even coins.  The included HEPA filter is durable and washable, so no need to replace because you can simply clean and dry the filter each time to enhance the powerful suction for the next use. The plastic cover also doubles as a detachable dustbin for quick and easy trash dumping. It also comes with the crevice nozzle and mini brush to meet all your car cleaning needs. 

Tire Inflator

No longer do you have to worry about low tire pressure. The Bolt & Hammer 4-in-1 functions as a tire inflator.  With a fast inflation speed, your tires can quickly be back to their recommended PSI, keeping you safe on the road and saving you money on fuel efficiency.   Just set to your desired level of pressure, and the machine will automatically stop when the preset number has been reached.  With maximum pressure up to 150 PSI, it can handle most inflatables, balls, bikes, motorcycles, sedans and SUVs.

(Not recommended for high-pressure RV and truck tires)

Tire Pressure Gauge

In addition to all of the above features, the B & H Handy Vac can also tell you the current air pressure. There are separate modes to check cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and sports balls.  You can also get readouts in different measurements including, PSI, BAR, KPA, and kg/cm2.  Once you have checked the pressure you can set to your desired inflation level.

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