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Belena Active Pro

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The Belena Active Pro is perfect for those seeking a powerful and therapeutic massage experience. This shiatsu massager comes with heat and is designed to provide deep tissue relief, promoting improved blood and lymph circulation. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to use, allowing you to target your desired areas with greater precision.

Are your feet and legs endlessly tired after a long day? The Belena Active Pro has six super-effective Shiatsu massage heads.

Simply put your feet on it, switch it on, and relax and let yourself be massaged back into shape. It's invigorating! And wwith the multi-stage infrared heat function, you'll never have cold feet again!

The secret of the incredibly beneficial Shiatsu massage with Belena Active Pro are the 6 rotating 3D Shiatsu heads with 18 massage nubs. They stimulate, invigorate and relax your feet like a masseur.

The two flexible massage heads in the middle adapt individually to the arch of the foot and massage relaxation and well-being deep into the foot and leg muscles.

And the switchable 2-stage infrared heat function warms and relaxes even more.

This pleasant relaxation spreads in a few minutes and provides new energy!

If you relax your feet with a soothing massage and activate the flow of energy - this has a positive effect on your overall well-being.

Thanks to the targeted Shiatsu massage technique, Belena Active Pro is perfect for this. The muscles are relaxed, the flow of energy and the circulation are stimulated. And in connection with the infrared deep heat, this is the perfect support for more vitality.

You can adjust Belena Active Pro individually. Choose from 3 different massage programs and 3 different intensity levels.

The large and easily accessible control buttons can even be operated with your toes and the device switches off automatically after 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, you can do whatever you like. Read, call friends, watch TV, knit - or just relax.

After a few minutes you are ready for your day again! And Belena Active Pro can be stowed away to save space in one easy step.

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