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Boom Light Pro (Set of 2)

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Boom Light Pro is an effortless solution to creating ambiance with the added bonus of music, as simple as changing a light bulb! Revolutionize your space with this innovative multi-color lightbulb speaker system that breathes life into your traditional light fixtures.  Customize the mood for any occasion with ease – choose the tone, select the tune, and transform your space effortlessly.

Boom Light Pro seamlessly connects to your phone, tablet, TV or any other Bluetooth enabled device which enables sound streams. Sync up to ten bulbs to create wire-free, high-quality surround sound. Use our app to control the light and music from one place. It is unique because you can connect multiple units to create a surround sound experience. You can replace all the lights in your house with the Boom Light and still have a bright white light, dimmable and with color options. Group them by areas such as living room, Family room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.. and play your favorite music, audio book or baby's music on any .selected area

Boom Light Pro Bluetooth speaker bulbs combine lighting with Bluetooth technology. Its integrated Bluetooth speaker plays your favorite tunes by simply connecting to your favorite Bluetooth device without the need for extra wiring or a hub. 

Unlike other light bulbs, our smart light bulbs can achieve up to 25 million colors, 0%-100% dimming, 2700K warm - 6500K cool light via App, no dimmer or Hub required. It is also possible to adjust the led light bulb color to the rhythm of music to create even more surprise and romance. Whether you are working, studying, playing, resting, or having dinner, you can get a satisfying and comfortable smart light. 

Use as a standard LED bulb to light up your space in white light. For a unique effect, choose individual red, green, or blue color or fade RGB. Add a fun and unique atmosphere to any celebration by matching your lighting to the beat of your music. Simply choose your favorite song and your bulb will flash to the beat of any song. This bulb is equipped with a remote for added convenience that allows you to switch between dimming white light, solid and fade through color effects. There is no need to uninstall the bulb to turn on or off, it's remote allows you to easily turn Bluetooth audio and light on and off with the press of a button.

Control and organize your Boom Light Pro experience with the user-friendly mobile app, which includes a built-in dimmer for added convenience. Enhance your home's aesthetics and create the perfect ambiance for date nights, movie nights, children's bedrooms, gaming sessions, or moments of relaxation with audiobooks or soothing sounds.

The Boom Light Pro isn't confined indoors – take the experience outdoors for seasonal decorations or place it wherever you desire. It's as versatile as it is convenient.

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