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Easy Touch Max AIRFLOW

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The Easy Touch Max Airflow is a powerful, rechargeable handheld vacuum AND air compressor.  The ultimate 4-in-1 unit combines a high-powered suction motor with a powerful air compressor to easily solve all your vacuuming and inflating needs!  The unit has a  dual airflow system that combines a high torque suction motor and a quick burst air compressor.

In addition, the digital tire pressure LCD display is easy for you to read and the built-in LED work light illuminates your surroundings to provide extra safety and security when operated in the dark.

With its powerful suction motor, the Easy Touch Max Airflow can quickly and easily clean up dirt, dust, and debris from any surface. As a car vacuum, it provides a strong cyclone suction, which easily picks up dust, debris and coins. It comes equipped with a HEPA filter that is washable, making it easy to maintain.  Clean and dry the filter every time to enhance the powerful suction for the next use. The detachable dust cup is great for quick and easy trash dumping. It also comes with 3 different vacuum nozzles to meet all your car cleaning needs.

Plus, the air compressor feature allows you to effortlessly inflate a variety of items such as air mattresses, pool toys, balls, bicycle tires and even car tires! The high-efficiency direct-drive motor can inflate 195/65R15 car tire from 0 to 35psi in 6mins and automatically stops when the preset pressure is reached. With maximum pressure up to 150 PSI, it can handle most inflatables, balls, motorcycles, sedans and SUVs.  The digital tire pressure LCD display is easy to read and ensures the correct inflation.

The Easy Touch Max Airflow also boasts a strong LED light, providing you with enhanced visibility when using it in dimly lit areas. Additionally, it comes equipped with a HEPA filter that is washable, making it easy to maintain and ensuring that you always have clean air while you use it.

This portable unit is perfect for use in your home, car, or on the go. Its compact size and easy-to-use design make it an essential tool for anyone looking to simplify their cleaning and inflating tasks.

Battery last 30 min on one charge

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