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InstaBright Mood Magic Beats

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  • 13 different colors
  • Dimmer function
  • 2 timer settings (4H & 8H)
  • Multi-color mode
  • Wireless remote control works up to 5M
  • Sound Reacting Technology
  • Touch on and off
  • One remote can control 4 lights or single light

Color-changing remote control LED wireless lights with sound-reacting technology 
InstaBright Mood Magic - Color-Changing LED Lights are the ideal way to get mood-enhancing, colored lights anywhere in your home. Battery-powered for easy installation.  Just stick them to any smooth surface and they're ready to go. The remote control gives you full access to the color selections as well as setting a dimmer for the white light to control brightness, or a timer so you can leave them to turn off on their own after 4 or 8 hours, and the new unique sound reacting technology which allows the lights to “beat” to sound!  It also controls either single lights separately, for different colors on each light or, if they're positioned closer together, it will control all of them at the same time, turning them into a single, multi-light installation. With 13 great colors and a whole host of other settings there's no mood or space that these incredibly easy-to-use, color-changing lights won't enhance.

13 Different colors and a whole host of settings 

Whether you want a calm, relaxing dimly lit effect; warm, romantic mood lighting, or even a funky-coloured party feel, there are so many different color and mood combinations that these cool LEDs will never let you down. There's a multi-colour setting that sets your lights scrolling through the different color combinations for a really cool color-changing effect. There's also a dimmer setting that works on the white color setting, so you can set the amount of brightness but still keep that clean, white light.

Sound reacting technology 

One of the most unique settings is the Sound Reacting Technology.  The InstaBright Mood Magic Beats have a small microphone which picks up sounds and reacts accordingly.   Create the perfect party atmosphere with sound-activated color technology.

2 Timer settings (4H and 8H) 

One of the really great features of these remote-controlled LED lights is the ability to set a timer for either 4 hours or 8 hours. This means that you can decide what lighting you want, set the timer, and it will automatically turn off by itself! 

Easy installation 

The stick-anywhere, wireless design of Mood Magic Beats - Color-Changing LED Lights, means you never need to have them wired in by an electrician. Forget messy installations and expensive tradesmen. Just peel the sticky pad from the back and they will stick to any smooth surface. This means you can now have light where it was impossible before, in seconds!

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