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Iron Age Pan

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All the benefits of cast-iron pans
  • Lightweight compared to traditional cast-iron
  • Non-stick with a unique honeycomb design
  • No seasoning, no rusting & no scrubbing stuck-on food
  • Oven and dishwasher safe


The incredible Iron Age Pan gives you all the power, heat-retention, searing and cooking benefits of cast-iron, but without any of the frustrations of seasoning, fighting rust, avoiding soaps, hand scrubbing and, of course, all the wrist-busting weight! Iron Age Pans are cast-iron, so you get that wonderful searing heat but, unlike traditional cast-iron pans, you never have to worry about all the maintenance. No need to keep seasoning your pan or scrubbing off rust spots. Iron Age Pans go right in the dishwasher with all your other cookware! Plus, the specially engineered honeycomb surface moulds to the non-stick coating, so food won’t stick and leave burnt-on residue that you have to scrub off. With aluminum handles these remarkable pans are stove and oven-safe so you can take that pan pizza from the stovetop to the oven.


We all know how great a cast-iron pan is for the traditional benefits associated with them. Many people even have pans handed down through the generations, but they come at a price. Iron Age Pans have all the amazing benefits of cast-iron cooking – the constant heat, the versatility, that perfect sear – without all the sticking, and the seasoning, and the headaches. They are lightweight so you won’t worry about dropping a full pan when you lift it off the stove top, but they keep that amazing heat-retention and searing ability that only cast-iron can give you.


Cast-iron cooking is so good that many people feel the headaches and frustrations associated with it are still worth it for the great results. With Iron Age Pans you get all the benefits and none of the problems! The honeycomb design gives a non-stick surface so scrubbing burnt-on food is a thing of the past. The weight is less so you never have to worry about dropping it, and, best of all, that ‘seasoning’ chore of having to slowly heat, oil and cool your cast-iron pan every time you use it is gone completely! In fact, the cleaning and use of Iron Age Pans is just like an ordinary pan. Wipe clean, non-stick cooking with no need for oils and no seasoning and you can pop it straight in the dishwasher!

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