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Neck Brite

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Neck Brite - Powerful, adjustable, wearable work lights!

  • Twin, detachable, magnetic flashlights that you wear around your neck!
  • Detachable flashlights  with magnets that stick to metal surfaces
  • Adjustable 150⁰ angle to position the lights where you point them
  • Perfect for hands-free illumination whatever the project
  • Ergonomic, comfortable neck strap design
  • 150 lumens of brightness in two little flashlights

Neck Brite is a hands-free work-light that ensures you have the perfect illumination whenever and wherever you need it. With two detachable and magnetic flashlights, this wearable work light provides maximum visibility while keeping your hands free. Working in poorly lit areas can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you need both your hands free to get the job done. That's where Neck Brite steps in, offering a powerful and versatile solution to your lighting needs.

Neck Brite consists of two, detachable, and magnetic flashlights that you can comfortably wear around your neck. The lights each deliver a powerful 75 lumen LED illumination.  Unique to NeckBrite is their detachability. You can remove either light, allowing you to position them where you need them most, whether it's for a detailed job, working in tight spaces, or illuminating your way during late-night activities.

Neck Brite's versatility extends further with its magnetic base, making it a breeze to attach to any metal surface. From the underside of the hood of a car to the side of a metal toolbox, metal shelving or even the side of your electric meter while you read the numbers. These magnets ensure that you can position the lights precisely where you want them, providing the right illumination for the task at hand. You can also use them to pick up any dropped metal items, like nails and screws, that are hard to reach.

Neck Brite's ergonomic design is not only comfortable to wear but also allows you to adjust the lighting angle by up to 150 degrees, so you can focus the light exactly where you need it.

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