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Zippi 360° Flexible Spray Wand

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Introducing the Zippi 360° Flexible Spray Wand – Your Garden's Best Ally for Precision, Flexibility, and Unrivaled Performance!

Discover a new realm of gardening convenience with our Zippi Bendable Hose Wand. Featuring a 28-inch long flexible hose that can be effortlessly molded into any shape, this garden watering wand effortlessly reaches the trickiest corners, especially ideal for hanging baskets, gutters, and other hard-to-reach areas.

Key Features:

Unleash the power of flexibility with the 28-inch hose that bends to your will. Tailor the wand to navigate through hanging baskets, gutters, and intricate garden spaces with unparalleled ease.  The wand is made from durable latex.

10 Adjustable Spray Patterns: Elevate your watering game with 10 adjustable spray patterns, including jet, cone, vertical, soak, full, flat, shower, angle, center, and spray.??? Seamlessly switch between modes by rotating the nozzle, catering to the specific needs of each plant in your garden and every cleaning need.

Thumb Control Shut-Off Valve: Experience effortless control with the thumb control shut-off valve featuring low resistance. Manage water flow with a simple thumb movement, providing a convenient and user-friendly watering experience.

Powerful Water Stream: Beyond plant care, our hose wand delivers a powerful water stream ideal for tough car washes, outdoor cleaning tasks, or even a refreshing dog bath. It's a versatile tool that adapts to various household needs.

Compatibility with Most Hoses: This garden essential is suitable for 3/4" garden hose threads (GHT). No need for adapters; simply connect to your garden hose hassle-free. Additionally, the quick connector option ensures a swift and secure hose attachment, while multiple rubber gaskets prevent water leakage during use.

Upgrade your gardening routine with the 360° Flexible Spray Watering Wand – where innovation meets convenience and your garden flourishes with every drop. 

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