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Zippi ChopChop - Mini Food Processor - USB Rechargeable

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  • One touch operation
  • Great for cutting, chopping and mincing
  • Use on vegetables, fruits, spices, nuts, garlic and herbs
  • USB rechargeable
  • Space-saving design
  • Stainless Steel Anti-Corrosion blades
  • 5 ounce/150ml maximum capacity

Mini Food Processor that’s USB Rechargeable. 

The Zippi ChopChop is a super-useful mini food processor that you can keep in a drawer or cupboard, ready for all those mini chopping, slicing, dicing and grinding jobs that just aren't big enough to warrant getting out, and washing, a large worktop-mounted food processor. Use it on vegetables, fruits, spices, nuts, garlic, herbs and more! When you need a quick, convenient, handy mini food processor, ChopChop is the perfect little worktop companion!

One touch operation and space saving design

Zipp Chop Chop has a one touch button for easy use.  No need to get a huge, cumbersome processor out, then unravel the cable and plug, get the right blade and find the appropriate setting! ChopChop is perfect because it's so small, so simple to use and so convenient! Just place your food in and press the button! Easy! One touch, one button, one speed. Then rinse the blades and put it away again!

USB Rechargeable 

The power needed to chop through all those veggies means you don't want the responsibility of constantly replacing batteries. ChopChop comes as a fully-rechargeable device so all you have to do is plug in the USB cable and keep it fully charged! No more running to the shops or swapping batteries out from the remote control! With the lithium-ion rechargeable battery in ChopChop, you can always have all the power you need!

Great for cutting, chopping and mincing 

We all love to prepare our own food and Zippi ChopChop was designed with that in mind. You can use it to dice and slice vegetables, fruit, spices, nuts, herbs and more.  Create delicious salad dressings, dips and even healthy baby food.  Use it for chopping and dicing to make your food preparation easier.  There isn't an easier, more convenient way to process food quickly and thoroughly!

Powerful and stainless steel anti-corrosion blades  The motor will easily handle the toughest chopping jobs and the blades are made of the highest quality sharpened stainless steel which is treated with a special anti-corrosion process that means all the acid from tomatoes and garlic and onions, and any sugars from fruits like strawberries and pineapples, won't corrode and blunt your blades, so you can have many years of happy chopping!

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